What to know before you go


For your first float, please arrive 10-15 minutes before your appointment so we can give you a tour, explain the process and answer any questions you may have. It is completely normal to feel nervous before your first float but we are always here to help.  


Before Your Float Session

Upon entering the float room, remove all clothes and jewelry. Insert your earplugs and take a thorough shower in order to remove all oils, fragrances, and products you may have on your body or in your hair.  Do not condition your hair, only shampoo.  Conditioner will add unwanted chemicals into your tank.


During Your Float Session

After your shower, dry your face and slowly enter the tank. Sit down, lie back, stretch out, and off you go. Ideally, you want the tank lid closed for the entire session, but if for any reason you don't feel comfortable right away feel free to leave the lid cracked or wide open. Once you are situated, begin to take deep breaths to help you get settled and release any anxieties you may have. It is important to remember you are in full control at all times! It will take practice to become comfortable, but once you allow yourself to relax and disconnect from the busyness of life, we promise you will never look back.